• Andrew H.


After a few weeks on the UCSD campus, I've finally managed to adjust to the niches that encompass the academic and social atmosphere surrounding the environment. As a transfer student, I had felt as if there was a sense of displacement pushing me away from the academic opportunities that are tailored to students deep within their major's pool of knowledge. Being one small individual within a class of nearly a hundred was a new experience for me, and the rich diversity of the campus would make all events feel unique and unpredictable.

However, by developing new relationships with charismatic people with differing personalities, I was able to find motivation by reflecting upon the past experiences that have enabled me to be in the position that I'm currently in. At the end of these two remaining undergraduate years, I hope that I'm at a point in my academic career where I can motivate and assist others by sharing what I've learned throughout my curious adventure. With enough knowledge developed over time, I'll strengthen my ability to work on rigorous problems with collaborative learners as they work on empowering others through their research.

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