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After long consideration, I've finally managed to make progress on a portfolio that I hope to use consistently as I navigate myself through my academic career as a researcher and enthusiast of the field of AI.

The concept of a general AI has fascinated me for as long as I've known, where I can easily recall some initial form of interest after watching "I, Robot," which starred one of my favorite actors; Will Smith. Heading into senior year of high school, I was motivated to study and work with digital art following several of the enjoyable moments that I had within a few DART classes that I found myself taking. As a function of its proximity to digital art, I'd eventually find myself gravitating to an artistic form of programming; web development.

While web development was interesting, my curiosity would always push me just enough to inch toward a similar field of interest, where I'd find myself most intrigued by what I would be able to accomplish with my studies in the future. I'd head to the community college with a focus on computer science.

Throughout my natural science and computer heavy education, I'd come to find that the ecstasy of learning was something more potent than any processed drug. A change in my interpretive-framework would allow me to realize that the science behind the computer combined with common programming theology is what I would define as nothing more than a tool. If I only knew that I had a tool with no instruction of where to use it, the tool would no longer be useful. This perception that I had created made me look deep within myself to look for something important and engaging enough to give me the sense of euphoria that I had found at some points within my two years of studying.

The field of Cognitive Science is a fascinating one where we can study the most complex object in a misunderstood universe. The brain is the centerpiece, but its structure and juxtaposed utility is what fascinates me and others. A computer scientist might incidentally tip-toe his way into the field while looking for ways to accelerate the efficiency of his neural networks. For me, Cognitive science is a way to tap into my childhood fascination with silly concepts like robots, flying cars, and immense power at our fingertips. By understanding our knowledge of the brain, cognition, and neural circuitry, we can develop robust AI frameworks that can be used to accelerate and sustain economic growth with a maximized positive impact on the lives of others.

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